‘A TRAVELLING INCARCERATION.  Immobile inside the train, seeing immobile-things slip by.  What is happening? Nothing is moving inside or outside the train.’  ( Certeau, 1984, The Practice of Everyday Life) ..........An ongoing body of work exploring the Phenomenology and history of train travel. The paintings explore how train journeys transform our experiences and memories of place and form part of a collaboration with writer and poet, Dr. Sarah Hayden, Associate Professor in Literature and Visual Culture, Southampton University (https://www.southampton.ac.uk/english/about/staff/sh2d15.page).

Paintings from this series were initiially exhibited in a solo exhibiton at Sternview Gallery, Cork (Curated by Pádraig Spillane) with an opening performance of poems and word by Dr. Sarah Hayden, and later in group shows in London, Athens, Thessaloniki, Timisoara (Romania), Lismore, and Bath. (2017-2020).

'Postcard-like in format, Bradley’s Illegible Frontiers are miniaturized epics. Vastnesses pulled down to tiny formats, they give us expanses condensed. Hanging like ultra-high-res thumbnails, these Lilliputian landscapes are dense with sensual data, and littler than seems possible.' (Sarah Hayden, 2017 in collaborative publication Still there............and ready)